COVID-19 Prevention Protocols in Effect:

*Hand sanitizer supplied upon entry.
*All surfaces and washrooms will be disinfected before each class

*For now, we can no longer lend out blocks, straps, bolsters and mats. Everyone must bring their own equipment.

*Participants can no longer store their mats in the back storage space and must take their mats home.
*Mats can be cleaned with mat spray provided, and enough clean cloths per person will also be provided
*Participants with any cold or flu -like symptoms are asked to stay home.
*Participants are encouraged to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entry and exiting the studio.
*Participants are encouraged not to touch their face and avoid coughing or sneezing if possible
* Doors will be propped open and fans will be on to help circulate fresh air.

Studio space is limited, please contact me directly to book your spot. 

Call or text 403-636-1268

Sundre Schedule
Effective July.20,2020

No class on Monday August 3rd.

Mondays@ 7pm Vinyasa Flow (all levels+advanced)
Classes are held in the Studio or Outside if the weather is nice. 

Wednesdays @ 7pm  H.I.I.T Core Yoga
Held at Sundre Yoga and Meditation Studio

Space is Limited, please pre-book your spot by 
calling or texting me at 403-636-1268

Please arrive to class at least 5-10 mins prior to start time. Class will start promptly. 
 Sorry no late-comers, doors will be locked once class begins. 

You can buy a 10 punch card for $115.00 incl. GST. 
Drop in rates will remain at $13.
Payment methods are cash, cheque, or E-transfer. 

Unless otherwise stated on this page or posted at studio, Monday classes that are on 
Statuary Holidays will still be held at the normal time. 


Outside classes will typically be held here:

Effective February 1st, 2020, new pricing will come into effect.

 Drop in rate will increase to $13 and 10 class punch passes

 will increase to $115 incl. GST. 


Class Descriptions: **MOST CLASSES RUN FOR ABOUT 75 MINS.**
** note: classes are all levels. ALL poses and sequences can be modified to be harder or easier to suit your specific energy levels. Ultimately yoga is a personal practice, therefore it is up to the practitioner  to find  her/ his own edge. Stepping mindfully out of a comfort zone not only opens the body, but the mind as well:)

Vinyasa Flow- Vinyasa style class with a wide variety of breath-linked postures from the primary and secondary series from Ashtanga yoga. Every class offers a different and unique blend of  breath-based postures that help participants gain greater strength, balance for the entire body and mind. This invigorating practice builds strength, flexibility and heat the body, and calms and cools the mind.

H.I.I.T Core Yoga-  This class blends High Intensity Interval Training with Yoga. 1/2 hr to 40 mins of timed interval exercise that'll challenge your mind, muscles and lungs, then a series of yoga poses to stretch you out and cool you down afterward. 

Every week is a different set of exercises so you'll never get bored and you'll be surprised how fast an hour can flyby!  class will end traditionally with slow stretching and and well earned savasana.

Yoga Basics New To yoga? This class offers a great introduction to the basic poses of a Hatha class. A variety of props and sometimes chairs will be used during the class as we explore range of joint motion and ease dormant muscles into a brand new awakening! This class is also great for persons recovering from new or old injuries. The slow pace will help you find and reconnect to your own breath pattern so that you feel more comfortable and relaxed. We will work on strengthening and stretching the core and the major muscles in the legs and arms to keep you going strong and balanced in your daily activities. 
TRI-Yoga   Inspired by the flow of a Triathalon, this class breaks down the muscles specific to swimming, cycling and running in that order. The poses and sequences will both strengthen and lengthen your muscles, give you a greater range of motion in your major joints while building muscle around them for added stability while you rev up your training. The added bonus : mindful movement and focus for the big race!

Yoga 4 Winter Sports NEW! This class targets muscles specifically used in skiing,
snowboarding, hockey etc. Half of the class focuses on conditioning and balancing the
muscles in the legs and core. The last half of the class focuses on dynamic and gentle
stretching, breath and muscle relaxation through mental awareness.

Hot Yoga Foundation Flow level 1-2

Perfect for All levels -Held in a heated room. Based on the primary series of
Ashtanga yoga, this class breaks down the standing, and sitting postures for longer holds and uses variations of sun salutation to connect one posture to the next. Emphasis is placed of breath awareness and mental focus to "tune 'into your own body's mechanics. Benefits of a regular practice include improved muscle tone, clearer skin(through perspiration & increased oxygen to
the skin), a better sleep, and overall an increased awareness of one's own
body including better dietary habits and balance of work and play!


Please call Melissa @ 403-636-1268 for more info.


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